It’s a Miracle in Midtown

Update 6/16/2011 – All but two of the properties in Midtown have sold and one is still under contract.  26-A Cannon is available, and 212 Coming St just came back on the market.  I LOVE this one.  It’s over 2000 sq ft with terraces and a roof deck.
1009099 – Details: 212 COMING ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $499,000


The Midtown development was built around 2006 as a modern complement to the historic Spring/Cannon corridor.   I’ve seen the majority of them and I can tell you – they are NICE if you want an urban setting, close knit community and easy-to-care-for home.   Plus, the Spring/Cannon corridor has been growing in leaps and bounds, welcoming new businesses monthly.  See my post called The Spring & Cannon Corridor is Rising for more info on that.

The Midtown development has 33 properties in total. The best of these sold in the beginning, but high prices and a softening market led most of the others to just sit.  The listing agents tried price drops and open houses and even a block party – to no avail.  Only a total of seven have sold in the past 24 months!!  And now – it’s a miracle in Midtown as four have gone under contract in the past two weeks (and there wasn’t even a recent price drop).

Under Contract

2904721 – Details: 210 COMING ST, #B, CHARLESTON, SC – $399,000
1009099 – Details: 212 COMING ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $499,000
1104204 – Details: 8 BREWSTER CT, CHARLESTON, SC – $519,000
1104573 – Details: 36 CANNON ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $529,000

Available(I am pretty sure there are a couple more as well that went off the market and still have not come back on.)

1104187 – Details: 26 CANNON ST, #A, CHARLESTON, SC – $425,000
1104184 – Details: 28 CANNON ST, #A, CHARLESTON, SC – $425,000
1104199 – Details: 22 CANNON ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $439,000

So my hat goes off to changing market, and a great development in a hip urban location. Perhaps another celebratory block party is in order?? 🙂

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