Top 10 Reasons I Love Charleston’s Summertime Heat

It’s the dog days of summer here in Charleston and we are counting the days until fall. But until then, I am devoted to having a good attitude about our delightful July weather.  So here are my Top 10 reasons I love Charleston’s summertime heat.  What are yours?

  1. I can just give up on taming my hair. This leaves time for more productive and necessary endeavors like showering ten times a day.
  2. I can have a doctor-approved excuse not to exercise. This allows for more guilt-free TV remote lifting.
  3. I can put on a sweater when it gets to be a frigid 73 degrees. This gives me the opportunity to preliminarily showcase my fall wardrobe, in July.
  4. I can wear flip flops for every single occasion. This grants me additional closet space (taken from my husband) since one must have Dressy flip flops, Work flip flops and Beach flip flops, at a minimum.
  5. I can feel superior when the rest of the country complains about their three-day heat wave. This allows me to continue to feel superior in February when they are shoveling out several feet of snow.
  6. I can take the time to reignite my relationships with friends I have previously ignored. This expands my possibilities of summer fun since I target only those with a pool, boat, or beach house.
  7. I can always have a cocktail party conversation starter. This creates a delightful, interactive game of one-upmanship in the area of RealFeel temperature.
  8. I can justifiably insist that I need a cold beverage. This provides me with a valuable learning experience in the categories of White Wine, Beer, and Fruity Cocktails.
  9. I can claim that my brain is melting and everyone understands. This gives you the reason why there is no number 10. Please see number 8.

4 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons I Love Charleston’s Summertime Heat

  • Charles L Pearson
    13 years ago

    All of those were great. I especially liked #6. We had (by SF standards) a bit of heatwave yesterday. It was 71 degrees downtown but it seemed very hot without trees.


  • Steven W. Siler
    13 years ago

    Well, after a glorious day…the first day with more than 70 minutes above 80 degrees, it has dropped back to 59 tonight. Overcast all day, and a spectacular sunset. I am so homesick for Charleston right now it is not even funny. PLEASE SEND HEAT TO THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST!

    • We’d be glad to share some of the heat with you! Today is actually a Seattle-ish day – overcast and drizzly, but we welcome the change. Come on home!! 🙂

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