Homes with a Water View in Downtown Charleston

You want it all don’t you?  A beautiful home in the middle of an exciting and gracious city, historic details, modern comforts, off-street parking, and the piece-de-la-resistance, a view of the water.  I don’t blame you because I do too.

So here’s where to find one.  This list of homes and my usual commentary is subdivided by views.

Ashley River Views

1109478 – Details: 218 WENTWORTH ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $945,500 – this home has been on the market for many years, probably because it has two things working against it: it is right on Lockwood Blvd and most of the house is very narrow in Charleston Single style.  Great sunset views though.  Wow. (See photo above)

1122154 – Details: 43 SOUTH BATTERY, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,750,000 – bank-owned and once one of the Charleston Symphony’s Designer Showhouse homes. It is not ON the water but has Ashley River views.

1115868 – Details: 72 MURRAY BLVD, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,995,000 – purchased at auction in 2010 by a gentleman from Myrtle Beach, this house was renovated in 2006.  The original renovator put it back on the market for much too much ($3,995,000) hence the foreclosure, eventual purchase, and now back on the market.  Unfortunately, this house has mold problems, though they are currently being addressed.

1111027 – Details: 3 BARRE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,650,000 – this home is grand, has a 3+ car garage and windows all around.  It has a slightly 80s feel which could easily be fixed and also has amazing sunset views.

1113387 – Details: 39 SOUTH BATTERY, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,790,000 – this home has parking for up to 12 cars, a carriage house, and a pool to boot.  Again, not directly on the water but has great views.  The current owners have done a beautiful job marrying historic detail with modern living.  I love this house.

1012487 – Details: 58 MURRAY BLVD, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,800,000 – For those who like a more contemporary aesthetic, this house is for you.  Built in 1990, it has great spaces, lots of windows, and a beautiful garden.

1122042 – Details: 1 MEETING ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $7,495,000 – first time on the market in 50 years.  This home overlooks White Point Gardens, the Ashley River and the Charleston Harbor.  Though I’ve seen parts of it before, I’ll be seeing the whole house on Thursday so I’ll give you my report.  I do know it is one of those houses that Downtown Realtors call “pure”.

Charleston Harbor Views

1102604 – Details: 90 EAST BAY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,495,000 – historic, yet clean and modern, the Ancrum Wharf building is right inside Charleston’s old walled city.

2802228 – Details: 55 EAST BAY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $3,195,000 – located on Charleston’s famed Rainbow Row, this home has a beautiful walled garden and a 15oo sq ft kitchen house as well.  With views to the Charleston Harbor from all the front rooms, you can’t go wrong.

2904119 – Details: 2 PRIOLEAU ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $4,200,000 – though this home has no outdoor space or yard to speak of, the 4th floor outdoor deck is stunning.

2-prioleau-st-charleston-sc1102825 – Details: 19 E BATTERY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $6,900,000 – this home was purchased in 2009, renovated, and then put back on the market early this year for $7,900,000.

1115196 – Details: 2 CONCORD ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $17,500,000 – you know this one. It has the most spectacular view on the peninsula.  See my post 2 Concord – the ideal home for yacht lovers.


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So which one is your favorite?

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