Happy 2012!

I hope each of you had a wonderful New Years celebration and that you are feeling optimistic about 2012.  My husband and I kicked off the year with a jaunt to Sullivan’s Island to check out the 18th Annual Polar Plunge.  We parked our car on Isle of Palms to avoid the traffic, rode our bikes to the party, and...

Downtown Christmas Light Delight – By Bike

Last night it was a balmy Charleston Eve, so my husband and I decided to take a little two-wheeled spin around the quiet streets of Downtown to take a look at the Christmas lights.  I don’t know about ya’ll, but seeing houses lit up always makes me happy, so I thought I’d share the holiday cheer with you.  🙂 Here’s...

The Mirabella V docks at the Charleston City Marina

This gorgeous sloop is currently in port at the Charleston City Marina.  Her name is Mirabella V and she’s the largest in the world at 247 ft long, with a beam of 48ft and a mast with a height of 292ft.  She cost $50,000,000 to build. To put her mass and height in perspective, the tallest building in Charleston is...


Homes with a Water View in Downtown Charleston

You want it all don’t you?  A beautiful home in the middle of an exciting and gracious city, historic details, modern comforts, off-street parking, and the piece-de-la-resistance, a view of the water.  I don’t blame you because I do too. So here’s where to find one.  This list of homes and my usual commentary is subdivided by views. Ashley River Views...


Having a Sunday Funday in Charleston – Nothing Could be Finer

All work and no play makes Kristin a very dull woman.  Thus, this past beautiful, clear, no precipitation in sight Sunday afternoon, my husband and I decided on the spur of the moment that a Charleston Sunday Funday was in order.  So we rang up his brother and girlfriend, found out they were happy to oblige, and we were on...


A Lowcountry Palette

This morning, as I walked along the Battery, I met with a unique confluence of events that turns our waters a soft milky gray/blue, one of the beautiful colors of our Lowcountry palette.  When you have a cloudy sky, very little wind, and the peak of high tide – our rivers hold their breath in a moment of contemplation, then go back to...


Master Preservationist Program-Day Nine. The Glory of Charleston’s Gardens

Oh how I wish there were some way I could capture the scent of wisteria in a Charleston spring and share it with you.  It’s intoxicating.  There’s nothing like wandering the streets with your nose as your guide or peeking into our famous walled gardens to catch a glimpse of another time.  Here in Charleston, one might be so bold...

Master Preservationist Program-Day Five. Illuminating the Interiors

Wallpaper – NO! Crazy paint colors – NO! Carpet in living areas – NO!  Such has been my generic real estate mantra for years, but ah…how tastes change.  150 years ago I would have been most ignorant and unfashionable, and certainly of the lowest socioeconomic class. In our fifth class of the Master Preservationist Program, we focused on Interpreting a Building’s Interior...


Full Moon Splendor Over Charleston

The moon last night was so captivating that I had to make a detour, park my car and stand in the middle of the street to catch these shots.  Just imagine that full, rising man-in-the-moon casting his gaze over Charleston….

A Full Moon and Christmas Tree at Colonial Lake

A Full Moon and Christmas Tree at Colonial Lake

And it’s the eve of the Solstice.  And there will be a meteor shower tonight.  And a lunar eclipse.  Wow.

Nature in the Middle of the City – at Colonial Lake

I was taking a walk this morning when I caught this guy standing on the sidewalk looking for his breakfast.  Here in Harleston Village around Colonial Lake in Downtown Charleston, we see a huge variety of nature on a daily basis – herons, pelicans, loons dipping for fish, and even schools of 30-inch spot-tail bass!  To me, Colonial Lake is...

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