The Mirabella V docks at the Charleston City Marina


This gorgeous sloop is currently in port at the Charleston City Marina.  Her name is Mirabella V and she’s the largest in the world at 247 ft long, with a beam of 48ft and a mast with a height of 292ft.  She cost $50,000,000 to build.

To put her mass and height in perspective, the tallest building in Charleston is a mere 255ft.  If she were to attempt to sail under the Ravenel Bridge, she’d have to chop off over 100 ft of her mast.  Amazing.

Thanks to my friend and talented artist, Dustin Ryan, for these shots.  He happens to be the newest local artist hanging his work at our Real Estate Studio from October 21-November 29.  With an opening reception the night of the 21st, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Surfrider Foundation. Check out his website for more spectacular shots.

The sailboat on the right is a mere 70 ft long with a 100ft mast.

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