Dewees Island – Charleston’s most magical place you have probably never been to

I’ve never fallen out of love with the Lowcountry, but Dewees Island always reminds me what a mad, deep, eternal love it is.  Just 20 minutes by passenger ferry from the Isle of Palms marina, it is a world apart from that to which we’ve become accustomed. On Dewees, nature is your constant companion – the flora, the fauna, the vast expanses of marshland, meandering rivers, and the white sand beach (oh that beach!!) where often you’ll find yourself alone.      Alone.       It is almost unimaginable.

Watch my one minute video for a glimpse of the beauty.

There are no restaurants. No shopping. No asphalt. No cars. Nothing to do but dive deep into a place that feels a part of your primeval experience. While it has been inhabited at least going all the way back to the Sewee Indians, the Dewees Island we know today was set up in 1991 after Hurricane Hugo. It encompasses 1200 acres, with only 150 lots with a specific commitment to live in harmony with nature. As such, there are rules governing the human influence on the island, and Dewees is private, accessible only to owners, their guests, people renting one of the many homes there, or people interested in purchasing property.

Dewees Location


Dewees Map


Dewees Aerial

I have been lucky enough to visit Dewees Island three times – most recently this past February. And each time I go, I tell myself it is essential to my well being to go at least once a quarter. As it is with all busy people my promises have been broken, but I can feel the craving rising – insistent, clear, beckoning. Dewees knows what I need. She knows what YOU need even if you don’t know you need it.  Go. You will never be the same.

Just don’t try to go for the eclipse on Monday.  As Dewees is possibly the most spectacular place on the entire southeast coast to witness the totality, you can be sure that every single owner on the island is taking advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so of course there are no homes to rent, and the ferries will be running double time.

Useful Information

Dewees Island Real Estate – (a division of my company Dunes Properties) My colleague Judy Fairchild lives on Dewees full time with her husband, and they raised their three children there too. She is the GO TO for anything on the island, a naturalist chock full of information, and can help you if you are contemplating a purchase in paradise.  Skip over to my website’s Dewees Island page to see what is currently for sale.

Dewees Island Rentals – If you want to rent a vacation home there – contact Emily Watson. She’s been running the program for years and knows every house on the island.

Dewees Island Ferry Schedule – it leaves the Isle of Palms marina every hour, every day of the week. Reservations are required and remember, you can only go if you own there, are staying there or are invited there.

Gorgeous Photos

Head over to Judy’s Instagram feed to see a glimpse of life on Dewees – rare birds, baby osprey, sunsets, rainbows, people having fun…


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