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Spring Sales Stats from the Sweetest of Southern Cities – Charleston

Spring has sprung, it’s sunny and seventy-six, the skies are cerulean, and glee is in the air (as well as lots of pollen). It just makes me feel a bit giddy so please forgive my Fun-with-Alliteration. 🙂  But let’s get serious … Continue reading

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The Elliotborough Explosion – A look inside one of Downtown Charleston’s hottest up-and-coming neighborhooods.

Hold on to your hats dear readers… The Elliotborough neighborhood in Downtown Charleston is on the rise – and it is rapid. While I have been writing about this neighborhood and its developments for years, nothing compares with what is … Continue reading

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Where can you buy a property you can use for a short-term rental in Downtown Charleston?

VIP UPDATE – AUGUST 13, 2015 All, in recent weeks I have discovered additional information and restrictions on short-term rentals, so I thought it very important to share here. Go ahead and read the original post below, then skip back … Continue reading

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Charleston’s Food Insanity – Part Two

Just a little over a year ago, I wrote a post called Charleston’s Food Insanity (and Mine). I rhapsodized with taste buds in a confused frenzy about what to try first.  So many new options! Too many new places! But, … Continue reading

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There’s a Whole Lotta Building Going On in Downtown Charleston

Soaring residential real estate market aside, it is commercial and development activity that can give you true insight into a local economy’s present and near future.  And make no mistake – Charleston is on a MAJOR upswing.  Always the ones … Continue reading

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All about Downtown Charleston’s Neighborhoods – a map, descriptions and more.

I created this Downtown Charleston neighborhood map years ago at the start of my ongoing project to eventually profile every single neighborhood in Downtown Charleston, including photos, videos, recreation, school, shops, restaurants and services. But since many of you ask … Continue reading

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Inspired Infill – Building Dreams at 264-268 Ashley Ave

Down a long dirt driveway in an unlikely part of town, hidden amongst ramshackle Charleston homes in various states of deterioration, lies a project of such inspiration and passion, the energy of it is palpable. Dramatic I know, but true … Continue reading

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52 Ashe St is the Best renovated house under $400,000 South of the Crosstown

I say this with confidence because I had the opportunity to see it the other day.  52 Ashe is by far the best renovated house south of the Crosstown under $400,000.  Everything else is either locationally, structurally or cosmetically challenged. … Continue reading

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