Master Preservationist Program – What We’ll Be Learning

If you read my monthly newsletter, you know that I am thrilled to have been invited to be part of the Preservation Society of Charleston’s Master Preservationist Pilot Program.  Together with 19 other people from all walks of life, I’ll be testing out the first iteration of this program, with more to come.  The Master Preservationist Program was established, in part, to help educate and empower the community at large in the issues and challenges of historic preservation in Charleston.   Our fearless leader is Evan Thompson, the new Director of the Preservation Society, who intends to expand the Society into realms previously untapped.

Over the next three months, we’ll be having both classroom and community sessions, field trips, and hands-on activities.  These sessions will culminate in a final month-long project which will be reviewed by the experts, then followed by 40 hours of community service work.  At the end of all that, we will receive our Master Preservationist Certification, and intentionally armed with new knowledge and respect for Charleston’s architecture, structures and neighborhoods, will spread the word in the community-at-large.

So stay tuned to this blog every Wednesday afternoon (and some Saturdays) for updates on what we have learned.  The more I learn, and the more I write about it for you to read, the more we all can have a positive impact on this stunning city we know as Charleston.  For those who want more details, you can check out my course syllabus below.

  1. Historic Preservation in US and Charleston; Local History/Development
  2. Archaeology – site visit to the Walled City
  3. Charles Towne Landing field trip
  4. Historic Building Technology and Conservation Easement – visit to 28 Montagu St
  5. How to read a building (exterior) and Observation – site visits on Meeting St
  6. How to read a building (interior) and Interpretation – site visits to Joseph Manigault House, Aiken-Rhett House and Joseph Aiken House
  7. Drayton Hall Plantation field trip
  8. Preservation Law and Regulation – site visit King Street and National Trust for Historic Preservation
  9. Land Use and Planning – site visit to Elliotborough
  10. Diversity and Cultural Landscapes – site visits to Avery Center, Harleston Village and Radcliffeborough
  11. Magnolia Cemetery field trip
  12. Historic Landscapes and Cemeteries – site visits to Gateway Walk, Washington Square Park, 14 & 16 Legare Street
  13. Sustainability and Green Preservation – site visit to North Central
  14. Preservation Economics – site visit to Eastside
  15. McLeod Plantation field trip
  16. Wrap up and commencement of Keystone Projects
  17. Graduation and Project Presentation (!!!!)

Onto Master Preservationist Program-Day One. Charting Charleston’s Past

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