Update on Handy Man Specials in Wagener Terrace

There are none.  That's the update. Well ok - there are a few, but they are either overpriced, or not in a great location.  When I last wrote about the handy man specials in Wagener Terrace in May, continuing a series I have been writing for almost a year now, the situation was not much different.  Since then several have come on the market and then gone under contract or sold within a couple months including: 1012474 - Details: 141 SIMONS ST, CHARLESTON, SC - $142,500 2926160 - Details: 40 PEACHTREE ST, CHARLESTON, SC - $160,000 1011020 - Details: 54 DARLINGTON AVE, CHARLESTON, SC - $189,500 2913621 ...click to read more...
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