Penthouse Living in Charleston – Which Are The Best?

I’ve written about handy man specials in Wagener Terrace, about the hot million dollar market in Downtown Charleston, about condo buildings and the highest-priced home for sale on the Peninsula…but I haven’t yet touched penthouses.  Inspired by a recent open house in one, held during the Blue Angels performance, I thought I’d let you know what you can find, and which are the best.

Let me caveat this post by saying that the word “Penthouse” is probably used a bit liberally here in Charleston.  Generally a penthouse occupies the entire top floor (or floors) of a building, and should not really be considered a penthouse when it is just the third floor of a historic home, or when there are several others just like it on the same floor…but so be it.  In Charleston we like to be a little fancy,  we love our views, and we are obsessed with our real estate.  So here are some ‘penthouses’ around town, some are on the market, some are not.  I will consider the best from a location (close to restaurants, shops etc…), outdoor space and price standpoint.

Best Overall

The most magnificent penthouse in Charleston and one of the few true penthouses, is located on the top two floors of the People’s Building at 18 Broad St.  It is not on the market, and may never be because it will probably be exchanged privately if the current owner ever wants to sell.  The first floor of this spectacular home is all living space with windows on all four sides overlooking Downtown and the Charleston Harbor.  The second floor is 25% living space and 75% terraces and gardens.  This was featured recently in Architectural Digest.  And here is a link to the condo below it so at the very least you can check out the stunning city views.

2902515 – Details: 18 BROAD ST, #702, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,499,000

I must add, that there is another that could fall in the Best Overall category, and that is the penthouse on top of the City Gallery at Waterfront Park at 34 Prioleau St.   If you happen to be taking an evening stroll down there, don’t forget to look up and marvel at the terraces which you know have astounding views.

Best Outdoor Space

There are two penthouses at the Anson House – one is currently owned and one is on the market. The interiors of this condo are beautifully done, but it is the outdoor space and views that earn it this award.  In this sunny, breezy space overlooking the Harbor and the Ravenel Bridge, you’ll find an outdoor lawn, a fireplace and multiple seating areas.  Not a bad place to spend a Charleston evening…

2629061 – Details: 2 LAURENS ST, #P2, CHARLESTON, SC – $3,250,000

Best Price

For less than $600,000 you can have yourself a penthouse.  Sort of.  They are six total and three currently available at just under 900 sq ft each.

2930185 – Details: 85 CUMBERLAND ST, #P22, CHARLESTON, SC – $599,900
2930879 – Details: 85 CUMBERLAND ST, #P 21, CHARLESTON, SC – $629,900
2729000 – Details: 85 CUMBERLAND ST, #P 23, CHARLESTON, SC – $629,900

There are a few others around town that are not currently on the market that I love as well.  For example, at 77 Wentworth, local architect, Neil Stevenson (who also designed the interiors of our Real Estate Studio), owns the top floor and entire roof which is being outfitted with gardens as we speak.   His modern style, combined with a respect for Charleston historic architecture, is well-known and sought-after.

And then here are a few others that are currently listed as penthouses.  If you want the urban car-free lifestyle, 175 Concord is a great location right in the heart of town.  The first one is where is where I viewed the Blue Angels.

1001331 – Details: 175 CONCORD ST, #PH.403, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,795,000
2741902 – Details: 175 CONCORD ST, #PH 402, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,999,999

2904222 – Details: 5003 OLD BRIDGEVIEW LANE, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,185,000

View from Above

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