Huger Street is Hummin’ in Hampton Park Terrace

Last Friday, I sold a house on Huger Street in Hampton Park Terrace for my long-term friends and clients.  The sale of this house was the fifth on this street in the past year – not too shabby for an area that is only 5 blocks long between Ashley Ave and The Citadel.

We had actually put 462 Huger Street on the market in 2010 for two months, had tons of showings, but then had to take it back off the market so my clients could rent it again. When this spring came around I encouraged my clients to put it back on the market because I felt the demand for that area was high while the selection was low.  And what do you know – we had an offer within a week!

So here’s this little house which needs some TLC – mostly paint and landscaping. (Huger St residents, please go introduce yourselves to your wonderful new neighbor!) Then check out the before, after and in progress photos of all the homes that have been purchased on Huger St in Hampton Park Terrace in the past year.  What a delight to see an already great neighborhood become even better.

1109517 – Details: 462 HUGER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $339,000

1011672 – Details: 463 HUGER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $285,000


Right across the street, 463 Huger St has been turned from a disaster into a masterpiece.  I definitely recommend you ride by and check it out.  I haven’t been inside since it’s been redone, but the quality of the exterior workmanship should give you a good idea of the delights that await inside.  Mark Engelke, a historic home renovation expert, is responsible for redoing this one alongside the vision of its new owners.


1023792 – Details: 477 HUGER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $285,000

477 Huger St is a work in progress, and construction and design are currently being completed by Rock Creek Craftsmen.  I had clients who looked at this house and even made an offer on it, but in the end decided they wanted to live in Harleston Village.   The interiors had beautiful original details but of course all kitchen and baths had to be gutted and more, requiring a minimum of $100,000 to complete.


2929334 – Details: 535 HUGER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $260,000

535 Huger St was also a mess inside but with tons of large rooms, original details and lots of potential.  Aside from general repairs and exterior improvements, just a kitchen/bath gut, paint, wall paper stripping, wood panel removing, carpet pulling and you’d be done.


1020838 – Details: 14 SUTHERLAND AVE, CHARLESTON, SC – $183,000 (ok so not technically on Huger St, but it’s on the corner.)

A horror.  An absolute horror. Wonky floors and a crazy choppy floor plan.  You can tell that hardly a dime had been put into this house since it was built.  Kudos to the gent with vision who purchased this house.  It could be none other than a developer, George Reavis.   Minimum $200,000 in work to be done, but I bet it will be a beauty when it’s done!

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